Lorraine & Owen

Elopment wedding day in Scotland

Lorraine & Owen

Elopment wedding day in Scotland

A rainy, windy wedding day.

Elopment wedding in Scotland

The idea of elopment weddings allows you to bypass the stress and complexity often associated with traditional weddings. With fewer guests to accommodate and fewer formalities to adhere to, you have the freedom to tailor your wedding day exactly to your preferences.

This is why Lorraine and Owen decided to elope and get married here – in Scotland.

Despite the risk of unpredictable weather, they chose to have their official ceremony in Gretna Green and then followed my guidance, opted for a private vow ceremony in a location that I found near Moffat.

Surrounded by their closest friends and nature, they exchanged their vows against the backdrop of a stunning waterfall and mountains, reminiscent of their beloved Iceland.

Rain and wind – typical scottish weather

As the saying goes, “Rain on your wedding day is good luck.” But what about wind? While many couples dream of clear skies and gentle breezes for their special day, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

The day before the wedding, Tracy, the photographer, and I both prepared our cameras and outfits for the challenge of a ceremony during pouring rain and strong wind. Hiking boots, caps, and raincoats were a must to make Lorraine and Owen’s wedding day happen.

However, as a videographer, my biggest challenge was capturing perfect clear audio. Thankfully, I was well-prepared with camera covers, multiple microphones, and wind muffs, proving that I could film a wedding anywhere, regardles of the condition.

After the official wedding ceremony in Gretna Green, we finally arrived at our beautiful waterfall spot. Unfortunately, the rain and wind were much stronger than in the morning. There was a moment when we all considered canceling it, but bravely, Lorraine said, “Today is the day.” And once she said it, I was fully committed to them both.

Following my bride and groom

As dark clouds loomed overhead and the wind whipped through the trees, Lorraine and Owen stood hand in hand, undeterred by the weather, which added an element of enchantment that they wouldn’t trade for anything. They exchanged their vows, and no matter how strong the wind blew or how heavy the rain fell, they seemed not to care, totally immersed in each other’s love.

Looking back on their wedding day, Lorraine and Owen wouldn’t change a thing – and neither would I. The rain and wind brought unexpected challenges for all of us, but they also brought a sense of adventure and spontaneity to their private and intimate ceremony. It was a day they, and I, will never forget, and the heavy rain will always remind us of their wedding day and adventure in Scotland.

In the end, Lorraine and Owen’s wedding day was a testament to the power of love to weather any storm. As they embarked on their journey together as husband and wife, they knew they were stronger together, come rain or shine.

So, to all the couples out there planning their weddings, remember this: embrace the elements, for they may just make your special day even more memorable. And if you have me on board, I will do all I can to make your day happen.

Lorraine & Owen

Elopment wedding day in Scotland

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