Calum & Morven

Wedding at the stunning Newhall Estate with outstanding pipers performance

Calum & Morven

Wedding at the stunning Newhall Estate with outstanding pipers performance

Countless bouts of laughter, a lively ceilidh, and lots of bagpipes – that’s how I remember Calum and Morven’s wedding day at the stunning Newhall Estate, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Edinburgh city.

Calum & Morven at Newhall Estate


It was September 22nd, a breathtaking morning adorned with stunning hues. Following my usual habit of arriving early, the sun had not yet ascended to its peak, casting a warm and enchanting glow on the foliage, painting the trees and bushes in a tapestry of exquisite colours.

With my recording of the breathtaking Newhall Estate surroundings completed, I made my way to meet the bride. As the door swung open, I was greeted by an exuberant group of bridesmaids and the delightful Morven herself, who appeared entirely at ease on this momentous day.

The relaxed atmosphere and the abundance of prosecco contributed to creating a special and fun experience. The sparkling prosecco likely added a touch of elegance and celebration to the occasion, making it even more memorable. Whether it was a special event or simply a day meant for enjoyment, the combination of a relaxed atmosphere and the bubbly charm of prosecco surely left a lasting impression on Morven and those who were fortunate enough to share in the experience.

Calum was far from being alone either. Surrounded by the best friends and groomsmen, they diligently ensured that everything was meticulously prepared and in perfect order for their upcoming wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, in the typical fashion of close friends, the guys found a moment to honour Callum’s momentous day and share a beer before the ceremony begun.

It’s all about the wedding dress!

I make it a point to dedicate extra time when filming the bride’s wedding dress. For me, it holds a paramount significance, and I find immense joy in capturing every exquisite detail, including the intricate lacework that adds to its enchanting beauty. Perhaps it’s due to my perspective as a woman, or maybe it’s my belief that details like the wedding dress, jewellery, and shoes are more than just adornments. They often serve as expressions of your personality, reflecting your unique essence and style rather than just existing to make you shine.

Morven made the choice to don a beautifully crafted wedding gown, accentuated by a long, elegant veil. Her ensemble was tastefully adorned, complemented by stunning Jimmy Choo shoes that added an extra touch of splendour.

Calum secret wedding gift – Toblerone bar!

Numerous couples opt to exchange their wedding gifts in the morning, or they might craft heartfelt letters for each other. In this particular instance, Callum had something extraordinary and distinct prepared for Morven. Unlike scouring the internet for hours, this gift serendipitously crossed his path on his journey home.

He exercised patience, holding onto his gift until the speech segment. When his moment arrived to express his feelings about Morven and convey his joy in having her, he presented her with his remarkable gift—a Toblerone bar bearing the words “Special Wife.” The gift wasn’t a mere generic discovery; it symbolized thoughtfulness and authentic sentiment that resonated deeply and humorously, much like Callum’s personality. It was one of my favourite moments.

One wedding piper or maybe 30?

But Callum’s surprises for Morven didn’t stop there. The pinnacle of the day arrived with an extraordinary grand finale: they were escorted to the evening celebration at the Newhal Estate by a large group of Callum’s piper friends. The resounding melody of the pipes was nothing short of spectacular, reaching such heights that it might as well have been heard in Edinburgh. As a piper himself, Callum joined this impressive display of musical prowess, playing alongside his fellow pipers.

I’ve attended numerous weddings, but I’ve rarely witnessed such a multitude of wedding pipers. The sight was incredibly impressive and truly beyond belief.

This final piece held a special significance—it was a melody exclusively dedicated to Morven, a heartfelt tribute to her profound fondness for bagpipe music. This gesture beautifully captured their shared passions and their bond. The blend of Callum’s thoughtful surprises and their shared love for music showcased the depth of their connection and made their wedding day truly unforgettable.

Calum & Morven

Wedding at the stunning Newhall Estate with outstanding pipers performance

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