Engagement session tips

Top 9 Engagement Photo Session Tips for Couples

Engagement session tips

Top 9 Engagement Photo Session Tips for Couples

Where to start…

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Now, before you start planning a wedding checklist, you must go ahead and get some engagement photos. These are perfect for wedding invitations and, most importantly, memories.

However, not everybody is great in front of a camera. I get it. There is a lot to think about, and it’s not like everybody always does it. Drawing from my experience as a wedding videographer, here are some of the best engagement session tips I can provide.

1. Wear Complimentary Outfits

Choosing outfits that harmonise with one another is a key engagement session tip for ensuring your photos look unified and beautiful. Think about colours that blend well together without matching too perfectly. 

For example, if one of you wears a navy blue dress, the other could opt for a light grey suit or a sweater in a complementary shade. It’s about creating a visual balance that enhances your connection. Consider textures as well; combining a smooth satin dress and a tweed jacket adds depth to your images. Remember, the goal is to complement each other’s look, not mirror it.

2. Bring More Than One Outfit

Another engagement session tip I can offer is to showcase your personality through your wardrobe choices. Mixing up your attire from casual to formal allows you to explore different facets of your relationship in the photoshoot. 

A casual look could be jeans and a comfortable top for a laid-back vibe, while a formal outfit might include a cocktail dress and a tailored suit. This variety adds dynamic visual interest to your engagement album and lets you express different sides of your bond.

3. Find A Photographer You Trust

The cornerstone of a great engagement photo session is the relationship between the couple and their photographer. It’s vital to choose someone whose style resonates with you and who you feel comfortable around. 

This connection fosters a relaxed environment where you can be yourselves, which is crucial for authentic and natural-looking photos. A lot of people often use this engagement photo session as an introduction to their wedding photos. This way, you get to know the photographer, making your wedding photo even better on the day. 

4. Consider A Videographer

Many don’t consider the power of adding a videographer to your engagement photo session. In my “Luxury” package, I offer the option to include videography alongside your photographer if schedules align. Otherwise, I’m ready to capture your engagement session separately. 

This footage beautifully complements your wedding film, contrasting your more formal attire and the wedding venue with the relaxed and intimate setting of your engagement. Filming your engagement provides additional flexibility, content, and varied locations, enriching your final film with a depth that mirrors a movie narrative.

Plus, it’s like I’m never there. I blend into the environment and capture moments you never knew existed on the day. 

5. Go Somewhere Memorable

Choosing a location that holds significance for you both is crucial for a memorable engagement photo session. A meaningful spot doesn’t just offer a stunning backdrop; it brings out your genuine emotions and interactions, making for more authentic and vibrant images. 

Whether it’s where you first met, a first date location, or simply a place you both love (like the seaside), being in a setting that resonates with your story ensures the photos and video capture your true essence as a couple.

6. Think About the Season

Aligning your engagement session attire with the season and location ensures your photos look cohesive and thoughtfully planned. For instance, light and airy fabrics work beautifully for beach shoots, moving gracefully in the ocean breeze, while cosy sweaters and layered outfits are perfect for autumn sessions in the woods. 

This attention to detail not only enhances the aesthetic of your photos but also ensures you’re comfortable and at ease, regardless of the weather or setting.

7. Make it A Date!

For a truly personal engagement photo session, think about what makes your relationship special. Whether it’s revisiting the spot of your first date, bringing along a souvenir from a memorable trip, or wearing outfits that mean something significant to you both, these details make your photos unique. 

Let your photographer in on these personal touches so they can capture them. This approach not only makes your session more meaningful but also ensures your photos are a genuine reflection of your relationship.

8. Get Detailed Close-Ups

Focusing on the little things during your engagement session can make a big difference. Close-up shots of your engagement ring, jewellery, or any detail that’s meaningful to you both add a special layer to your photo collection. 

These detailed images work great for save-the-date cards or as a creative way to announce your engagement. Highlighting these elements shows off the unique aspects of your relationship and brings diversity to your engagement photos.

9. Plan How You’re Going to Use the Photos

After your engagement session, the next step is to make those moments last. Pick the best photos and think about editing them to highlight your connection. Ensure you get these photos in high-resolution for printing and in formats that are easy to share online. 

Ideas for using your engagement photos include putting them into an album, making prints, or creating a canvas to use as a guestbook at your wedding. Showing these photos at your home or wedding is a great way to share your story with friends and family.

Make Your Engagement Unforgettable

Capture your engagement with professional videography. Celebrate this special time before your wedding by documenting every smile, touch, and moment. 

I specialise in wedding videography, blending photography and film to tell your unique story. My “Luxury” package offers a mix of engagement and wedding day footage, ensuring no detail is missed. 

Let’s capture your love story in your favourite settings, creating memories you’ll treasure forever. Get in touch today to make your engagement session unforgettable.

We know that preparing for wedding is a bit messy process and that why we love to share with you some ideas. Maybe you’ll find something right for you.

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