Looking for magical place?

My Top 10 Scottish Wedding Venues

Looking for magical place?

My Top 10 Scottish Wedding Venues


Scotland is the perfect location for couples planning to get married. Its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful venues make a memorable wedding.
As a videographer specialising in weddings, I’ve seen the magic these locations can add to your wedding celebration. In this article, we’ll look at the top Scottish wedding venues, from historic castles to barns.

10 Best Scottish Wedding Venues

Glenapp Castle

The first Scottish wedding venue I recommend is Glenaap Castle. Glenapp Castle captured my heart with its sheer enchantment and historical grandeur. As a wedding videographer, the chance to capture a wedding in such an incredible setting, where every inch tells a story, was amazing. The blend of natural beauty and architectural luxury at Glenapp creates a backdrop that’s breathtaking but deeply personal for the couples who celebrate their love here.

The Den at Culros

The Den at Culros stood out for me because of its remarkable flexibility and the creative freedom it provides couples. The ability to alter the space from the Barn to the Courtyard depending on your preferences is what makes every wedding there distinctive.

It was amazing how each couple could incorporate their individuality into the setting and make it their own for the event. This flexibility challenges me as a videographer to think creatively and ensures that no two weddings are the same.

Brig o’ Doon

Brig O’Doon is unique in my portfolio because of its stunning romantic setting and dedication to making every wedding memorable.

What distinguishes Brig O’Doon apart is the dedicated wedding staff with you from the time you arrive until the final guest departs. Their experience and attention to the smallest details guarantee that your wedding is not only perfect but absolutely perfect.

The venue, with its rich background and stunning setting, is a perfect backdrop for launching your romantic journey. The combination of breathtaking scenery and outstanding service makes Brig o’Doon a memorable location for couples.

Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle’s fairytale-like ambience and seamless blend of tradition and natural beauty captivated me. It is located near Edinburgh. Dundas Castle is a place that provides two distinct advantages: closeness to Edinburgh’s historical city and a retreat into breathtaking scenery.

What makes Dundas Castle distinct is its flexibility. It can cater to any wedding, whether intimate or large celebrations, ensuring that your wedding is exactly what you had in mind. The castle’s ability to customise your experience and stunning setting provides the ideal backdrop for making timeless wedding memories.

Newhall Estate

Newhall Estate shines as a location for weddings at its special Scottish Baronial country house, Newhall House. The estate’s commitment to hosting a small number of weddings every year ensures that each wedding is special and private.

What I like about Newhall is its flexibility and the picturesque settings for small and large weddings. Its capacity to accommodate varying sizes of wedding parties across different seasons, along with the estate’s rich history and character, makes it a captivating choice for a wedding venue.

Enterkine House Hotel

Enterkine House Hotel is a place that strikes me as a perfect spot for couples who want a personalised, intimate wedding. Set against the stunning landscape of Ayrshire’s countryside, its appeal lies in how it blends luxury with the warm atmosphere of a family-owned estate.

The staff at Enterkine goes above and beyond to create an intimate relationship with every couple, making sure the wedding day reflects their special connection. This dedication to personal service and the venue’s elegance and exclusivity make Enterkine House Hotel a standout option.

Kinkell Byre

Kinkell Byre offers a distinctive combination of traditional charm and Scottish style, making it stand out as more than an ideal wedding location. The converted barn offers an open and flexible space that wedding couples can customise to ensure that every wedding is unique. What caught my attention was the venue’s mix of outdoor and indoor spaces in an incredible setting, which allows for a wide range of possibilities for creativity.

The Byre at Inchyra

The Byre at Inchyra is a leader in barn wedding locations in Scotland that are renowned for creating custom-designed dream weddings. Its most distinctive feature is a strong support network, with skilled event coordinators and dependable suppliers who work together to bring every couple’s wedding dreams to life with the highest quality.

The venue transforms weddings into customised celebrations at a beautiful Scottish country estate, which offers many beautiful locations for weddings, parties, and photography. With space for up to 200 guests as well as a range of beautiful locations, including the Walled Garden and Stable Yard Wedding Suite, Inchyra allows couples the ability to design an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Kinmount House

Kinmount House offers a uniquely romantic setting that offers weddings and boat trips in various stunning locations, such as an orangery and a Victorian bathing home. It stands out for its capacity of at least 50 guests in luxury, which guarantees that you have a unique and memorable event. The personalised support from the planning stage to execution and a custom menu make every wedding unique.

Crossbasket Castle

Crossbasket Castle, a 17th-century marvel, is a fairy-tale wedding backdrop, mixing historical style with natural beauty. After a meticulous restoration, the castle is now an elegant hotel, ideal for weddings with a personal touch. Couples can choose to have their wedding personalised, from floral arrangements to music, which complements the castle’s splendour.

Why Not Capture Your Wedding on Film?

Once you’ve decided on a Scottish wedding venue for your wedding, consider capturing the magical moment on film. As a wedding videography expert, I offer various services to capture your memorable wedding day against Scotland’s breathtaking backdrops. 

Every tear, smirk and dance is captured carefully, ensuring you can revisit the wedding experience for many years. If you are looking for a timeless wedding film that tells your personal tale and also the stunning beauty of Scottish wedding venues, contact me.

We know that preparing for wedding is a bit messy process and that why we love to share with you some ideas. Maybe you’ll find something right for you.

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My Top 10 Scottish Wedding Venues

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