My Top 10 Scottish Wedding Venues

Scotland is the perfect location for couples planning to get married. Its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful venues make a memorable wedding.
As a videographer specialising in weddings, I’ve seen the magic these locations can add to your wedding celebration. In this article, we’ll look at the top Scottish wedding venues, from historic castles to barns.

The Simple Wedding Checklist for Your Scottish Ceremony

Wedding Checklist

Planning a Scottish wedding can be an exciting journey, and having a monthly checklist can make this experience much smoother and more pleasurable.
Here’s a wedding checklist that can ensure no detail of this special occasion is forgotten – everything from choosing venues in Scotland to documenting your love story.

Check My Top 5 Scottish Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

See my top 5 Scottish wedding bands that will be a hit for your wedding day. Learn more about who they are and their music genres, and make your wedding even more memorable.

Cheryl & Kurt

Spontaneous and fun-loving are the two words that perfectly describe Cheryl and Kurt. From the moment I met them, their vibrant energy and zest for life were palpable. Their wedding day was a true reflection of their joyful and adventurous spirits.